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Group SMS Free

Developer: Squalala Team

Group SMS app sending text helps to a single group or multiple groups messaging along personalization for each recipient name was not so much easy as it is right now. Group SMS app allows you to send text to individual contacts as well as you can send email to them. In this extended version of Group texting apps free there are many amazing feature including to send email for groups and as well as for single contact.Enhancement of Group sms app utilize standard text plan of carrier and data plan for emails. Unlike your default phone options if you want to send single message on daily basis, just save it as Text message templates and keep sending it on one click.Group sms app is capable of sending birthday wishes to your contacts, once setup reminder is setup in the app you will get notified. You have full control on interface make it larger or smaller with your favorite theme color. It can be helpful for both individual and business usesl Key Features of Group SMS App:• Message to single Group of multiple groups• Single contact messaging • Built in template for group messaging • Short codes to make it personalized• Email personalization for individual and groups • Birthday Reminder for Groups members and contacts• Fully customization for font size• Select your favorite theme colorHappy texting with friends.